[TT] Wrath

Artist credit to @morgna0anagrom

*SPOILERS for Kingdom of the Wicked*

Name: Wrath, His Royal Highness of Undeniable Desire, Prince of Hell
Age: do demon princes age?
From: Kingdom of the Wicked by Kerri Maniscalco
Significant Other: Emilia Di Carlo
Best line: “One day you’ll call me Death. For now, Wrath will do.”
Bae traits: an actual prince of Hell, UM BUT THOSE ABS THO, pretends to be all mean and rude and like I’m gonna kill you because I’m a demon prince but then is actually never particularly mean or rude or stabby, wants to protect Emilia in like the best way, straight up knows his brothers are pieces of shit and tells them, does the ‘I’m going to stake my claim and pin you to a wall with your hands above your head’ thing that is so..yum.

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